What’s New at the Evergreen this Spring

Over our winter break we treated all 88 of our cabins to a design beautification that honors our rich history while enhancing your Yosemite lodging experience with some new furnishings and comforts.  You’ll notice similar refinements…

Yosemite Gateway Partners Show the Way with #YosemiteNOW

California’s summer fire season has turned a corner for Yosemite National Park with today’s reopening of the park’s most popular attraction, Yosemite Valley. Yosemite’s Gateway communities have come together with #YosemiteNOW on social media to show the world Yosemite’s current conditions…

Spring has Sprung! Celebrate with us!

Spring has sprung in Yosemite! Which means ’tis the season for epic waterfalls, spectacular displays of spring wildflowers, snowcaps on the Sierra mountaintops, and plenty of room to roam Yosemite’s great outdoors!

Spend a Night, Donate a Dollar

With Yosemite National Park spanning over 1,000 square miles, it’s easy to imagine that there is many ongoing projects to maintain and improve your Yosemite experience. One of the most integral organizations to these projects in the park is Yosemite Conservancy.

Localizing California Waters 2016 Conference

Evergreen Lodge is proud to be hosting the Localizing California Water Conference again this year. This eye-opening conference serves as a hands-on intensive for water conservation and reuse on both personal and commercial levels.

Tesla Charging Station is Live!

It’s fun to consider that generations ago the Evergreen had a gas station.  What would those happy travelers of yesteryear have said if someone told them that in the year 2015 their gas station would be replaced with an electric car charging station?!?!

5,000 Minutes of 50% Off!

We’ll be sharing a secret discount code on Facebook after that 5,000th friend joins our Facebook family, so get ready for something fun! The secret code is for a discount that will only be available online for 5,000 minutes.